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130 MG THC

This THC Distillate is created through a BHO extraction process. This concentrate is then purified through a distillation process. Hovering in the 90 percentile, this pure distillate is colourless, tasteless, and great for clear and focused medicating. Each order includes one capsule.


Insomnia | Pain | Stress | Inflammation | Arthritis | Nausea | Crohn’s Disease | Hypertension | Diabetes | Anxiety | Appetite Loss | Euphoric 

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 8 cm

THC Distillate


130mg THC


0.5 grams


  1. halpin316 (verified owner)

    Great choice. Long acting but takes a bout 3 -4 hours to take effect. Not Sure what the difference is between teh clear oil capsules and the other THC capsules other than than the significant price difference.

    • Jet

      Hi Halpin316, something to keep in mind when using orally administered cannabis is that absorption rates greatly differ depending on the amount of saturated fats you ingest with this product. When taken on an empty stomach, peak effects are felt 1-2 hours after administration. However, when taken after a meal containing saturated fats, the onset can last 2-4 hours, with the effects felt being up to 3 times stronger than when taken without food. So, if you want something fast acting, these capsules can be taken on an empty stomach, though you will be sacrificing 2/3 of the potency in the process. Taking these capsules with food will ensure the highest bioavailability but also delay the onset quite a bit. Plan accordingly! 🙂

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