Organic Blue Iguana Popcorn

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100% Organically Grown on Vancouver Island



Blue Iguana by Mosca Seeds is a hybrid mashup of Mosca’s award-winning Double Dutch mother and Old Time Moonshine father. This medium-sized plant has a branchy morphology and can benefit from a slightly longer vegetative cycle, leading to large, healthy colas throughout. Its bud structure helped give this strain its name, with buds resembling a large, well-fed iguana. Blue Iguana emits skunky, tar, and earthy aromas that may be challenging on the nose, but exciting on the palate.

Smaller Nugs


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Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 cm

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  1. Carl Mayette (verified owner)

    Great deal on great flower, just small nugs! If your not picky about nug size, its great! No shake what so ever.

  2. steve csordas (verified owner)

    fantastic value!!! totally agree with Carl

  3. Rob MacDonald (verified owner)

    Alright, some clarity here. Popcorn is referring to the fluffy leafy popcorn buds on the plant, typically below the canopy. This is exactly what you are getting and let me tell you right now it’s a fantastic deal. The stuff is great tasting with strong effects. If you want manicured buds avoid the popcorn, if you don’t mind them skipping the final “trim to be pretty” stage, this is an epic deal and is now a regular pickup on every order I place.

  4. Richard March (verified owner)

    It is a less dense bud that works very well. It has a pine type smell and burns smooth and clean. I get a nice head high and would say that this strain is fairly high in THC

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