LIT Distillate various flavours


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1 gram inside a glass syringe

THC Distillate is the leading edge of Cannabis Concentrate Technology, yielding higher than ever THC percentages, distillate is one of the strongest, purest extracts on the market. Natural Strain Specific Terpenes are reintroduced to each batch after the distillation process to enhance your flavour experience.

No cutting agents, diluents, PG, VG, Diacetyl,
ONLY Triple pass THC Distillate lab tested @ 98% & USDA Organic Flavours

Characteristics – long lasting, fast acting, potent and high purity

Health Effects – relieves tension, muscle pain, depression and anxiety


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Weight 11 g
Dimensions 9.2 × 2.2 × 2.2 cm

1 gram


Grape, Wild berry, Raw, Citrus punch, Peach, Pink Grapefruit, Pear, Lemon, Orange, Mint, Wildberry


  1. kahurley46

    Tried the wild berry nice taste. Good for daytime use mild long lasting high. Grape was disgusting. Horrendous flavoring

  2. Dion Tilley (verified owner)

    I ordered the pear tasting one because the raw was unavailable. I thought it would be mellow. It tastes horrible. It’s like a stiff drink of bourbon or something .
    I can’t take a draw without making a whiskey face.
    Great product though. I’d recommend it highly.
    It does what it says it does. You just may have to go through a horrible taste to get the effect.
    Thanks Mota

  3. shelbymackay3 (verified owner)

    The pear is very disgusting. The mint we like. But definiatly not something i would buy again.

  4. btier

    what is thee THC value approximately please

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