New Year’s resolutions with cannabis

Are New Year’s resolutions still a thing? They tend to be something we make and then break, before we’re barely back at our regular routine in January. There seems to be two camps when it comes to resolutions: those that make-and-break and those that don’t set them at all. If you’re in the latter, it might be because you’re a habitual goal-setter anyway, and you don’t need a change in the calendar as an excuse to make a list.

No matter which one you fall under, it’s still fun to think about activities and habits you want to inject into your year, or want to put a greater focus on.

Even if you deem NY resolutions as bunk, read on for some cool ideas we think you’ll like—with a fun cannabis twist.


Practice Yoga regularly
Whether you’re new to the practice, or you’re into advanced asanas, yoga is a great way to reduce stress, embrace mindfulness, and tone your body. If it’s something you want to embrace this year, you can join a local studio or try some of the awesome free classes online

Mota twist: Add CBD to your yoga routine for extra focus, calm, and pain relief.


Reduce stress
NY resolution, or any time of year—maintaining a low-stress life is important. Stress is directly linked to many health issues and diseases. Some great ways to make it a priority this year include: self-care, journalling, meditation, exercise, and doing something with your hands (like drawing, painting, or gardening).

Mota twist: Add a cannabis bath bomb to your self care routine for some extra zen.


Cook at home/try new recipes
If your goal is to cook more this year, there’s so many great resources these days, with a plethora of recipes online (thanks Pinterest!). Try out your new recipes on your family and friends, and consider hosting a dinner party when you’re feeling up to it. 

Mota twist: Make your own cannaoil for an infused experience 


Hit the gym
The number one NY resolution out there. Many of us would love to be fitter, and ultimately healthier. Consider signing up for group classes; working out with others can help you stay motivated. If you’re new to working out, remember not to over-do it. Rest days are important! Plus, it’ll help you create a more realistic habit that has longevity.

Mota twist: Speed up your recovery time with a cannabis balm, proven to be great for sore muscles.


Expand your mind
The desire to learn new things is a great resolution. Maybe you have a list of books you’ve been meaning to read, or even a course you want to take. Exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your body.

Mota twist: listen to cannabis-focused podcasts


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