Binge Worthy: Our favourite Cannabis shows and podcasts

Grab yourself a snack, grab your ear buds, and your other favourite bud (smokeable or edible)—and check out our favourite cannabis podcasts.

Whether you’re you’re looking for education or some silly stoner humour, we’ve got you covered.

Our favourite cannabis podcasts

  • Leafly’s cannabis experts interview people from all corners of the cannabis industry, every Wednesday on What Are You Smoking,
  • The Roll-Up keeps you up-to-date on the week’s top cannabis news every Friday
  • Maria + Jane, Women in Cannabis Business, is a professionally driven podcast dedicated to empowering and showcasing women in the cannabis business space.
  • The Hash, blends top-shelf journalism with cannabis bringing you the latest in news and trends, every Tuesday
  • For all our Canadians!  The High Life discusses the legal rollout in the country and the challenges it faces
  • Mike Glazer and Mary Jane (yes, that’s her real name) smoke, snack, and swap tales about cannabis, comedy, sex, cooking, pop culture in Weed+Grub 
  • Tune in every two weeks to Broccoli Talk for casual chats with your new weed BFFs. Co-hosts Lauren Yoshiko and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey gab about the world of cannabis through interviews, discussions, readings and more. 



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